Ask Al Freddy what celebrities he has photographed over the years and you get a puzzled look. It would be easier to list the ones he hasn't worked with.

When he first started life as a professional photographer, there was only the camera, the film and the lights. There was no Photoshop and no digital effects. The moment gave you one opportunity, one perfect instant and you couldn't fail to capture it. When you create everything in the camera you develop an understanding, a critical sense of timing which has been lost to technology. Photographers today work in a digital environment which is available to anyone with a computer or a cell phone.

Over the past several years, Alfreddy has dedicated himself to acquiring mastery of the digital realm, working with Photoshop and other digital manipulators and discovering the best of both worlds. He believes that there is no substitute for working with a great original image. This the key to creating an expressive, impactful finished product.

Working with so many talented people in his career has given him the skills to make his subjects feel comfortable in front of the camera. This is the secret to creating the perfect moment, and it's what allows the artist to capture a perfect shot.